Donations Are Not Always About Material

In the past two years, television news has been filled with news of natural disasters that have occurred in various regions in Indonesia. Floods, earthquakes, landslides, are like guests who never stop visiting our country. Not only that natural disaster, Indonesia has now had one year to endure the Covid-19 pandemic which has had such a huge impact on every layer of people's lives.

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People with middle and lower economic levels will feel very depressed by several disasters that have occurred in Indonesia. Likewise, homeless brothers and sisters, and people who earn rupiah by relying on the streets. This disaster was almost like an apocalypse for them.

The difficulties they face today are our reasons for moving as Indonesian citizens, and a manifestation of the practice of mutual cooperation values that have been instilled for a long time by our ancestors. So what can we do to help them during this difficult time? One of the ways we can do for humanitarian work is to donate.

TERSALUR is one of the communities that exists to distribute humanitarian aid through donations. CHANNEL stands to convey humanity from one hand to many hands. TERSALUR has been established since 2020 and has succeeded several times in raising funds of five million and even up to twelve million rupiah, which they will later distribute to people in need.

TERSALUR will target the people who will be assisted first before opening fundraising through their social media accounts (Instagram: @tersalur). They will conduct research and see the urgency of the community that must be prioritized in providing assistance. When they find a suitable target, they will immediately open the batch to carry out raising actions on social media.

What about those of us who want to help but don't have enough funds to donate? CHANNEL attending and receiving help is not just in the form of money, there are many good things you can channel through this platform. Besides being able to donate money, we can help them by donating clothes, books, we can even Donate Info knowledge through channeling.

Giving donations of money, clothes, and books may be something that is normal for us to do in donating activities. But donating knowledge is something new for me in the context of channeling humanitarian activities. CHANNEL provides space for those of us who have knowledge or skills to share with those in need.

One of TERSALUR's programs in carrying out humanitarian activities entitled "Knowledge Channel" and "Skills Channel." This program is here to help homeless people to have learning resources and skills that can be useful for them. In this program, we can share knowledge by sharing notes, summaries, powerpoints, and learning videos with homeless friends.

The material provided can come from elementary school levels to lectures with general subjects such as Indonesian, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and English or other general knowledge. Apart from sharing knowledge, in this program we can also share the skills we have. The skills we distribute can be in the form of sewing, knitting, knitting, waste processing, and entrepreneurship skills.

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